Gentle Awakening


“What if I could wake up with a positive thought?”



Do you wake up feeling groggy, grumpy, and just not ready for your day?I used to wake up like that all the time. I am NOT a morning person. Then one day I noticed that the music I used as an alarm tone tended to play in my head for most of the day, and I thought, “What if I could wake up with a positive thought?” So I made this recording for myself. It’s twenty minutes long, and I use it as an alarm tone on my phone. I set it for twenty minutes before I need to get out of bed. When it starts, I wake up a little and then drift in and out of awareness as the visualizations and positive affirmations get my mind ready for a great day.

The visualization involves emerging from the ocean at sunrise, so if you don’t like beaches, this is not the recording for you. The background audio gradually goes from very soothing sounds to more energetic music to help you wake up feeling great. As a back up, I do set a second alarm, slightly more “aggressive,” to go off twenty minutes after this one.

This mp3 will work with any phone alarm app that lets you choose your own music to wake up to. This process tends to be very easy with Android phones, a bit trickier with iPhones, and impossible with Windows phones. I use Alarm Clock Plus, available from Google Play. (


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