Are you ready to stop paying high prices to poison your body, pollute your home, alienate your friends, shorten your life, dull your food, and make your teeth turn yellow?

Can you imagine what it would be like to draw a deep breath of fresh air? Can you imagine how much better your home, your clothes, and your car will smell after you quit?

Can you imagine taking a cross-country plane flight without having a nicotine fit?

Can you picture yourself living a long life with healthy lungs?

People often ask how much it costs to stop smoking now with hypnosis. Let me ask you this, how much does it cost to keep smoking? Use the calculator below to calculate how much you are spending for the privilege of poisoning yourself. Now, look at how much you are spending in one year. Subtract my fee ($500) from that amount to find out how much profit you will turn in just one year.

If you are a pack-a-day smoker, you will have paid off my fee in just over two months. That leaves you with over $1800 extra cash for the year!

What are you going to spend it on?

Just how much is this habit costing you in hard dollars?

Calculate how much you are spending for the privilege of poisoning yourself. 


HYPNOSIS SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM: Ready to stop sucking poison into your lungs for good? At Harmony Hypnosis, you get the complete smoking cessation program for just $500.00. This includes

  • Two hypnosis sessions (scheduled a few days apart)
  • Support recordings
  • Stress management techniques
  • Relapse prevention tools
  • Advice on handling your transformation.
  • One FREE tune-up session that you can use at any point in the next year.

That’s a total of THREE hypnosis sessions. (Additional tune-ups can be purchased at a reduced rate in the very rare case that they are needed.)

And here’s my guarantee: I will work just as hard to win your freedom from cigarettes as you do. I won’t give up on you unless you give up on yourself.