These videos demonstrate how hypnosis can help you quit smoking, control stage fright, overcome fears, and manage stress in Austin, Texas.

Welcome to Harmony Hypnosis Smoking Cessation in Austin

The Cutest Anti-Tobacco PSA Ever:
Watch as Kim overcomes stage fright in a quick, impromptu session:
Real hypnosis sessions are not exciting like fake hypnosis on TV is:
Are you ready to quit smoking? Ask yourself these questions:
Here’s a tool to control cravings:
Keep watching for the surprise at the end:
Tongue-Drop Relaxation:
Autogenic Training:
Ever wondered if you can experience hypnosis? Find out with this video:
Listen to Adelia’s account of using hypnosis to overcome hot flashes:
Keith’s life was changed at Harmony Hypnosis:
Ever wondered what hypnosis feels like? Find out with this video:
What to expect when you quit smoking with Harmony Hypnosis:
This is a fun and simple stress management tip:
Two-Minute Mindfulness:
Want to quit dipping with hypnosis? Here’s how:
Tri-Pendulum Interview: