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Otto’s Vertigo (Spinning) Induction at Harmony Hypnosis of Austin

This hypnotic induction, based on loss of equilibrium, was created by Robert F. Otto, president of the IMDHA and a leader in quit smoking hypnosis. It works well for kinesthetic types. For more information, check out Ormond McGill’s Hypnotherapy Encyclopedia. This is my first hypnosis video, so I just did the induction instead of worrying about filming any fun phenomena. I filmed it in my old office in Bastrop, Texas, before the fires forced me to relocate my business to Austin.

Can Hypnosis Snuff Out a Smoker’s Cigarette Habit? (Austin’s Quit Smoking Headquarters)

Smokers trying to quit sometimes use nicotine patches to fight their tobacco dependence. But patches don’t work for everyone. New research suggests that patches might be made more effective if used in combination with hypnosis, just as they tend to work better when used in conjunction with professional counseling. A recently published study showed hypnotherapy to be as effective as standard behavioral counseling when combined with nicotine patches in helping smokers to quit and stay off cigarettes for one year.