When you’ve decided to quit smoking, there are a number of things you can do to take control of a habit that has seemed beyond your control. Here are a few tips to do that:

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #1: Change Your Brand.

Whatever brand you smoke, buy a different brand—the more different the better. For bonus points, buy the most expensive brand you can find. (See Tip #5.)

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #2: Change Your Hand.

If you smoke right-handed, switch to the left, and vice-versa. This is especially important when you are lighting up.

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #3: Change Where You Stand.

If you have a particular spot where you smoke, don’t let yourself smoke there.

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #4: Change Your Stash.

Wherever you keep your cigarettes, change that, so that you have to go looking for a smoke.

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #5: Overcharge Yourself.

Smoke all the cigarettes you want—but only smoke one out of each pack. Promise yourself to destroy all but one of the cigarettes before smoking that last one.

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #6: Smoke Alone.

If you take smoke-breaks with friends or co-workers, stop. Vow to only smoke alone.

Austin Quit Smoking Tip #7: Procrastinate.

When you want a cigarette, say to yourself, “I’ll have one in five minutes.” See how many times you can say that.

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