Vaping is the new craze—using electronic cigarette substitutes that vaporize liquified nicotine and flavorings. Many smokers are turning to them as a means to quit smoking. The industry has grown so quickly that e-cigs seem to be everywhere in Austin, Texas, as well as the rest of the country, so much so that the FDA is stepping into consider regulating e-cigarettes.


There are a number of reasons for concern.


First, there’s no evidence that e-cigs are effective for quitting smoking. Quite a few smokers discover it’s far too easy to switch between e-cigs and regular cigarettes.


Second, despite claims from the makers of e-cigs, no one knows that they are harmless, and preliminary studies suggest that prolonged use of e-cigs could be as harmful as smoking cigarettes.


Third, studies done in Europe have found that second-hand vapor is just as prevalent as second-hand smoke; so if someone near you is vaping, they’ve made a decision about what you are going to breathe.


Fourth, though advertisers claim you can vape anywhere, former smokers are finding that the habit is no more welcome than smoking tobacco. A number of private and governmental authorities have restricted vaping on to places where cigarettes can be used.


Defenders of e-cigs argue that their vapor—which is often loaded with sweet flavors—smells better than smoke. While that may be true, consider what it would be like to sit in a restaurant, bus, or crowded subway car in which every other person was spraying perfume into the air. The stench, though sweet, would quickly become overwhelming.


So, instead of going halfway in quitting smoking with a method that won’t even work, make the decision to see a hypnosis practitioner to easily quit smoking today.


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