What is the Easiest Yoga in Austin?

Austin, Texas, is so fully of yoga instructors that you can’t spit without hitting one. (Not that you should spit on yoga instructors. That’s not nice.)

If you’re looking for the easiest yoga in Austin, or even the best yoga in Austin, there are a lot of options to choose from. There’s hot yoga, flow yoga, bikram yoga, sana-something-hindu yoga, Christian yoga, laughing yoga (which is not quite yoga), free yoga, trendy yoga, senior’s yoga, chair yoga, swimming yoga, mommy and me yoga, and yoga with your dog. The only thing I haven’t seen is yogurt yoga, which strikes me as a brilliant combination waiting to make someone lots of money.

The first time I tried yoga in Austin, Texas, I arrived at the conclusion that it was a cruel joke formulated as revenge on the West for the British occupation of India. My second, third, and fourth attempts at enduring poses both tortuous and torturous only confirmed my suspicions.

Now people kept telling me about all the great benefits of yoga. In fact, my first hypnosis teacher said that yoga is like hypnosis for the body, and hypnosis is like yoga for the mind. Yet every hypnosis experience I had left me feeling great, and every yoga experience left me feeling sore and frustrated.

And then I met Ashley Nicole. She was leading a networking group in some yoga, and there was no way I could politely get out of it. Much to my amazement, it was a wonderful experience that left me feeling like—well, like I’d just had a great hypnosis session. It was the easiest yoga I’d ever experienced.

Since then, I’ve had a number of great yoga experiences, and I encourage my hypnosis clients to enjoy good yoga.

At the same time, many of the emotionally calming benefits of yoga can be found with much less effort in a good hypnosis session. That’s why it seems to me that hypnosis is the easiest yoga in Austin.

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