What’s the best way to deal with the fear of dentists and dentistry?

The other day I was in Austin, Texas, visiting a haunted trail that was in the design stages. The planners were going over all the scary monsters they would be re-creating to scare the children in a fun way: vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, dentists . . .


“Oh, yeah,” said the Fright-Master. “People are terrified of dentists and dentistry. We’re going to make sure ours has a huge, scary needle!”

It turns out that a lot of people put off getting dental care because they are afraid of dentistry: whether it’s the sound of the drill, the look of the needles, or simply the pain, far too often dental patients put off cleanings and check-ups—with dire consequences.

Hypnosis for Dentistry to the Rescue

As it turns out, the hypnotist can be a dentist’s best friend, and an even better friend to the dental patient. By guiding patients into a pleasant, relaxed state, hypnosis practitioners (sometimes called “hypnodontists”) can simply make the pain and the fear evaporate. The result is that people actually look forward to going to the dentist; it feels like a mind-massage.

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