Thinking about Chantix to Quit Smoking?

Before you run out to get the cheapest Chantix available in an Austin pharmacy, consider these common side effects of the quit smoking drug Chantix:

  • Nausea: because feeling like you want to puke is a great way to reduce stress
  • Sleep problems: because being groggy really helps you through a day at work, and dreams of rape and torture really improve your mood
  • Constipation: Miss your smoke breaks? That’s okay; you can skip your bathroom breaks with Chantix
  • Gas: Too bad you won’t have the stink of tobacco to cover your farts.
  • Vomiting: It’s pretty much impossible to smoke while vomiting, so I guess this is effective.

Interestingly, the Chantix website warns that you can still have “nicotine withdrawal symptoms” while on the quit smoking drug.

The Chantix website also warns that depression may worsen if you take Chantix. Well, if you’re nauseated, constipated, farting, vomiting, and sleep-deprived while trying to quit smoking and experiencing “nicotine withdrawal symptoms,” doesn’t it make sense that you’d get depressed?

Truth is, a number of people have experienced horrific dreams, hallucinations, and a psychotic breaks while taking Chantix. The drug doesn’t just drain the joy of out of cigarettes; it drains the joy out of life. Suicidal thoughts and actual suicides have accompanied the used of Chantix. In some instances, anxiety and panic attacks continued for months or years after people quit taking the stop smoking drug.

(For a harrowing account of the hell that is Chantix, check out this article.)

Is there something better than Chantix?

Well, let’s look at the side effects of hypnosis to quit smoking:

  • Feels great: Hypnosis often uses relaxation, so it feels like stress-free vacation
  • Improved Sleep: Hypnosis to quit smoking or for any other purpose tends to lead to better sleep
  • Pleasant Dreams: Suggestions for pleasant dreams are a regular part of many hypnosis sessions. That’s a far cry from the horrific nightmares of Chantix.
  • Reduced Stress: A good hypnotist will teach you a number of safe, natural ways to handle stress and mitigate cravings.
  • Handy Skills: What you learn at the hypnotist’s office will help you in many areas of your life, long after cigarettes are a distant memory.

So, the choice is simple: twelve or more weeks of living hell on Chantix, or a few hours of pleasant relaxing hypnosis? Wouldn’t you rather get on with your life?

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