The Truth about Bedwetting Alarms


Many children all around the world wet the bed, and it’s no different in Austin, Texas. Patient parents change the sheets every morning, wishing they could find a bedwetting solution. Doctors call it eneuresis, but there’s not really an effective medicinal way to stop bedwetting.


One approach that some parents try is a bedwetting alarm. This is a moisture-sensing device that goes inside the child’s pajamas and sounds an alarm as soon as urination begins. In theory, the alarm wakes up the child, who manages to hold it until they can reach the bathroom.


In reality, a lot of children sleep through the alarm at first, so it’s up to the parents to wake them up. Then there’s the problem of holding it; as anyone who has ever tried to stop in the middle of urination knows, that’s not a simple task—especially for six-year-old. Typically, it takes about twelve weeks of using a bedwetting alarm to get a child to stay dry though the night. Even so, Web MD says that relapse rates after bedwetting alarm therapy can be as high as 69%.



What is Better than Bedwetting Alarms?


Children live in a world of imagination, and hypnosis is the gentle art of getting real results from imaginary events. Hypnosis has a long history of success with eneuresis, dating back decades.


While it may take several sessions to have complete success at getting your child to stop wetting the bed, a course of hypnosis is generally much shorter than twelve weeks of sleepless nights—and once the problem is taken care of from the inside, relapse rates are very low.


A hypnotist will of course tailor the approach to your child, finding a unique solution; unlike alarms, hypnosis is not a one-size-fits-all way to stop bedwetting. One method that works for many children is to teach the mind to have its own bedwetting alarm. That way, the child wakes up well before urination starts, resulting in dry pajamas and sheets, as well as parents who can get a full night’s sleep.


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