Austin Toastmasters is a Great Place to Hone Public Speaking Skills

The fear of public speaking is surprisingly common in our culture—so common, in fact, that there are seminars and entire organizations designed to help people overcome that stage fright.

One of the most affordable and effective ways to develop skill in public speaking and overcome stage fright is Toastmasters International. Austin has quite a few Toastmasters clubs, so it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule, location, and interests.

Whenever I use hypnosis to help people overcome the fear of public speaking, I always recommend that they join Toastmasters to practice the skills they are no longer afraid to use.


The Dark Secret: Sometimes Toastmasters is Not Enough

The one problem with Toastmasters is that even though the clubs in Austin are filled with kind, supportive people, you still have to face the gut-wrenching terror of standing up and talking to them the first time.

I’ve had clients who came to me, embarrassed to admit that they were afraid to even stand up and introduce themselves at a Toastmaster’s meeting. Some of them had suffered from intense stage fright for decades.

What I’ve found is that in one to three easy, enjoyable sessions, we can make that fear of public speaking evaporate and put a feeling of confidence in its place. That way, my clients can enjoy becoming better and better at the public speaking they can practice at Toastmasters.

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