Hypnosis for Belly Dancers in Austin

Real Improvement from Imaginary Rehearsal—Believe It!

In the Beijing Olympics, Australian pole-vaulter Steve Hooker not only took the gold medal but also broke all previous Olympic records. Yet for a two-year period from 2001 to 2003, he was unable to jump at all. Physically, he was fine, but as any champion will tell you, at least half the game is mental. So how did he turn around his career?

He went to a hypnotist.

Steve Hooker’s hypnotist didn’t wave around a watch or make him cluck like a chicken. Instead, hypnosis helped the gold medalist learn how to communicate with his subconscious mind through visualization, relaxation, and metaphor.

What does this have to do with belly dancing? Like any athlete, a dancer must develop the muscle memory to execute precise motions, shake off mistakes, exude confidence, and perform under pressure. Additionally, a dancer must tap into creativity, remember choreography, and project an air of charisma and grace. All of these are functions of the unconscious mind, making hypnosis the perfect tool for improving dance.

To explain what hypnosis is, let me ask a question: Have you ever cried at a movie? (Or gotten scared or had an adrenalin rush during a film?) If you answered yes, then you’ve already experienced hypnosis. You knew the movie was imaginary, but you felt real sadness and shed real tears.

In 1960 psychologist L.V. Clarke performed a famous experiment in which he demonstrated that picturing yourself shooting baskets is nearly as effective as actually practicing doing so. Why? The unconscious mind, which maintains muscle memory and manages your emotions, doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about hypnosis have kept many people, dancers and athletes alike, from employing this powerful tool. Contrary to popular opinion, hypnosis does not involve a battle of wills, and a person in hypnosis can never be made to do something against free will. In fact, hypnosis is a bit like going to dance class. For a brief period of time, you choose to follow the directions of your trance instructor, but of course you can decide to walk out of the class at any time.

How can you start to harness the power of hypnosis to improve your dance skills?

Fortunately, after years of playing music for belly dancers, Certified Hypnotist James Hazlerig has consulted with belly dance teachers to design a workshop specifically for the belly dance community.

Past participants have raved about how wonderful the experience it is, and one private client has written an article documenting her success.

So if you are ready to take your dancing to the next level, there are three ways you can get in on this wonderful way to improve:

First, if you know a group of dancers who would benefit, you can contact James about organizing or attending a workshop in your area.

Second, you can use the highly-acclaimed Dance Like a Goddess CD James created just for you.

Third, you can schedule one or more private sessions to improve your performance.

Remember, dancing with your body is one thing, but dancing with your mind is the key to a great performance.