Videos for Harmony Hypnosis, Austin’s Quit Smoking Headquarters

Welcome to Harmony Hypnosis, Austin’s Quit Smoking Headquarters


Ever wondered if you can experience hypnosis? Find out with this video:


The Cutest Anti-Tobacco PSA Ever:


Listen to Adelia’s account of using hypnosis to overcome hot flashes:


Watch as Kim overcomes stage fright in a quick, impromptu session:


Keith’s life was changed at Harmony Hypnosis:


Real hypnosis sessions are not exciting like fake hypnosis on TV is:


Ever wondered what hypnosis feels like? Find out with this video:


Are you ready to quit smoking? Ask yourself these questions:


What to expect when you quit smoking with Harmony Hypnosis:



Here’s a tool to control cravings:



This is a fun and simple stress management tip:



Keep watching for the surprise at the end:


Want to quit dipping with hypnosis? Here’s how:


Tongue-Drop Relaxation:


Two-Minute Mindfulness:


Autogenic Training:


Tri-Pendulum Interview:

These videos demonstrate how hypnosis can help you quit smoking, control stage fright, overcome fears, and manage stress in Austin, Texas.