Stop Living in Fear

You Don’t Have to Live in Fear

The LIFE WITHOUT FEAR Program: three sessions for 399.00

There are fears, and then there are FEARS.

Normally, fear is a good thing—it keeps you safe. But when a FEAR gets in your way of being able to lead a normal life, then it’s a problem.

I’ve worked with people who were afraid to drive over bridges, afraid to fly in airplanes, or afraid to ride escalators.

One of my very first clients was terrified of spiders—to the point that she had panic attacks in the presence of tiny, harmless spiders. Ever since our two-hour session, she’s been completely free of her arachnophobia (fear of spiders). I checked with her a year later, and she told me that she often walks up to large spiders and comments on how beautiful they are. She even told me how happy she was to have finally watched all three Spiderman movies!

A few years ago, there was a TV show based around spending several days torturing people who were afraid of harmless animals, in the name of getting them over their phobias and anxiety.

At Harmony Hypnosis, we don’t have to make people suffer in order to overcome their fears. Your sessions will be safe, comfortable, and pleasant—just think of how good it will be to leave the office free of your fear forever!

Whether it’s a fear of public speaking, a fear of flying, a fear of elevators, a fear of driving, a fear of bridges, or a fear of giving speeches about airplanes to spiders while driving over bridges–you don’t have to live with it anymore. Depending on the nature and intensity of your fear, we can get rid of it in one to three comfortable, painless meetings.

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It’s all in how you look at it.


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