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Why Do You Think We Call It Harmony Hypnosis?

As a professional musician who has sold thousands of CDs, I was quick to recognize the amazing benefits that hypnosis can have for singers, instrumentalists, and all other performers. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, a dabbler or a serious student, hypnosis has a lot to offer you.

Conquer Stage Fright

You know the feeling. It’s the day of the big recital or maybe your first gig at a new club. You know you’ve perfected your chops, but suddenly your heart is racing, you’re short of breath, and your stomach is mounting a revolution. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell your body that you’re singing in the shower instead of on stage?

With hypnosis, you can.

Even many professional musicians face serious stage fright. Hypnosis is the perfect tool for overcoming it.

Be A Star

Being a skilled musician important, but so is being an effective performer. As a middling musician and a highly successful performer, let me tell you that performance is all about charisma and confidence. And there’s nothing like hypnosis to help you believe in yourself so that you can put on your best show ever.

Remember Those Pesky Lyrics

Whether you’re grasping for the next line to that folk song or memorizing a Beethoven Sonata for your senior recital, you need a good memory to be a musician. Hypnosis is an incredible tool for improving your memorization and recall skills, not to mention speeding up your learning.

Unleash Your Creativity

Perhaps you’re looking to write more of your own material, or you panic every time someone asks you to improvise. Creativity comes from within, and guess which tool is the best for going deep within yourself. You got it–hypnosis.

I’ve been on stage and suddenly noticed that my fingers were playing a variation my conscious mind had not worked out; where did it come from? My unconscious mind, of course. If your unconscious isn’t giving you gifts like that, maybe it’s time you had a talk with it.

Reclaim the Joy

Have you lost the wonder you once felt when playing music? Does performance feel like a chore? Many who choose music as a career find that it no longer excites them the way it once did. With the help of hypnosis, you can fall in love with your art all over again.

Don’t delay. Now is the time to get your whole mind working to make you the star you were meant to be. Make an appointment now.