Stage Fright

Hypnosis Banishes Stage Fright

The CONFIDENT SPEAKER PLAN     399.00    (three sessions)

Did you know that the #1 fear in American society is stage fright?

Death ranks as the #2 fear.

That means that at any given funeral, most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.

Yet all of us at some point are going to need to speak in front of a room of people.

Maybe you have to give presentations at work, or maybe you have to make the best man speech at a wedding.

Maybe you’ve decided to sing at your church, or perhaps you know your voice will shake when you are saying your wedding vows.

Maybe you’re an artist, and you will have to say a few words when your work goes on display at a gallery.

Maybe you are really funny, but the idea of doing stand-up comedy terrifies you.

Maybe you’re a musician with killer skills, but the glare of the audience makes you sick to your stomach.

You can join Toastmasters–and it’s a great place to practice your skills–but we’ve had clients who were too petrified to give an icebreaker speech at Toastmasters. We can get you over that, so that you can get the most out of Toastmasters.

Whatever your need is, Harmony Hypnosis is here to help you overcome your stage fright.

Not only will you impress your audience, you’ll actually enjoy the experience.

Depending on the individual, we can help you rid yourself of the fear of public speaking in one to three sessions. There’s no need to live in fear, so schedule your session now.




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