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Austin's Quit Smoking Headquarters

Austin’s Quit Smoking Headquarters

Are you ready to stop paying high prices to poison your body, pollute your home, alienate your friends, shorten your life, dull your food, and make your teeth turn yellow? Can you imagine what it would be like to draw a deep breath of fresh air? Can you imagine how much better your home, your clothes, and your car will smell after you quit? Can you picture yourself living a long life with healthy lungs? Continue reading

Hypnosis Weight Loss in Austin

Hypnosis Weight Loss in Austin

Did you know some hypnotists make weight loss clients hate their favorite foods? Can you imagine anything more sadistic? Wouldn’t you prefer a hypnosis program that helps you enjoy food so much that a tiny little portion of it satisfies you more than a big meal? Well, that’s exactly the approach I used for myself, and let me tell you, it works! Continue reading

Musicians in Austin

Musicians in Austin

As a professional musician who has sold thousands of CDs, I was quick to recognize the amazing benefits that hypnosis can have for singers, instrumentalists, and all other performers. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, a dabbler or a serious student, hypnosis has a lot to offer you. Continue reading

Hypnosis for Belly Dancers in Austin

Hypnosis for Belly Dancers in Austin

What does this have to do with belly dancing? Like any athlete, a dancer must develop the muscle memory to execute precise motions, shake off mistakes, exude confidence, and perform under pressure. Additionally, a dancer must tap into creativity, remember choreography, and project an air of charisma and grace. All of these are functions of the unconscious mind, making hypnosis the perfect tool for improving dance. Continue reading

Stage Hypnosis in Austin Texas

Stage Hypnosis in Austin Texas

At Harmony Hypnosis, James Hazlerig uses trance to help people improve their lives. But as the Pirate Hypnotist, he puts on the most exciting comedy hypnosis show in central Texas (or on the high seas). Continue reading

De-Stress for Less

Are you feeling stressed? Do you face anxiety? Do you wish you had some methods for relieving stress that you can use quickly and easily anywhere you go? Maybe you’ve tried to meditate, but your thoughts kept getting in the … Continue reading

Hypnosis for Ballroom Dance in Austin, Texas

Elite athletes have known for years that the mental aspect of the game is what makes the difference between an average showing and true excellence. James Hazlerig, a certified hypnosis practitioner who has helped many clients achieve peak performance, Continue reading

Stage Fright

Whatever your need is, Harmony Hypnosis is here to help you overcome your stage fright. Not only will you impress your audience, you’ll actually enjoy the experience. Continue reading

Test Anxiety

Not only can we chase your test anxiety away, but we can help enhance your memory and focus while studying.

Harmony Hypnosis has helped lots of people ace those tough tests, and we can help you, too! Continue reading

Stop Living in Fear

One of my very first clients was terrified of spiders—to the point that she had panic attacks in the presence of tiny, harmless spiders. Ever since our two-hour session, she’s been completely free of her fear of spiders. Continue reading