Hypnosis Counters Social Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, and Shyness in Austin, Texas

Even Movie Stars Can Need More Confidence

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Rekha Sharma has every reason to be confident.

She’s been in dozens of TV shows and movies, including Battlestar Galactica, V, The Core, Dark Angel, CSI, and Aliens vs Predators.

She’s worked with quite a few famous actors and directors, and she’s always held her own as the center of attention.

Everyone who meets Rekha Sharma knows that she’s brilliant, beautiful, and talented.


And she’s pretty good with a gun.

Even so, when I went to get her autograph and she decided to try a hypnosis session with me, I was surprised that what she asked for help with was confidence.

She told me she had several TV auditions coming up and could really use a confidence boost. (She also gave me permission to talk about our session–most hypnosis work is strictly confidential.)

At the end of our hypnosis session, she had a huge, confident smile. (She also jumped up, gave me a hug, and posed for the picture below.)

And next season, I saw her in a major role on television–so even when you’re amazing, a little confidence boost never hurts.

So I have to ask:

Are you shy?

Do you struggle with social anxiety?

Do you find yourself afraid to talk to strangers at parties?

Do job interviews scare the pants off you?

Do you dread making phone calls, even to people you know?

Do you know someone you’d like to ask out, but you just don’t have the courage?

Do you doubt yourself, even when you’re shining?

Do you suffer from low self-esteem or a lack of confidence–even when you are succeeding?

You are not alone–hypnosis can help you.

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And just because she’s amazing–one more pic of the talented Rekha Sharma:


James Hazlerig with TV Star Rekha Sharma