Harmony Hypnosis Emergency Validation App

Do you know how great it feels when someone says something nice to you?

Do you ever need a little pick-me-up, some validation?

Of course, you do—everyone needs a kind word now and then, and this is exactly what the Harmony Hypnosis Emergency Validation app provides.

Get it now:

Free Version on Google

Full Version on Google

How It Works
This app is very simple to use. You simply press the smiling face, and your phone speaker plays a friendly voice that says something encouraging to you. If you don’t want to take time to open the app first, you can always use one of the two widgets, so that a little validation is always just a finger-tap away.

The free version of the app cycles randomly among twelve recorded affirmations in two pleasant voices. You have the choice of enabling and disabling any of the validations you like or dislike.

The pay version of the app adds over 100 additional affirmations, along with the ability to record your own, so it’s fully customizable.


Where It Came From
James Hazlerig wrestled with depression and self-doubt for many years before realizing he had to change what he was saying to himself about himself—what some people term self-talk. Eventually, he came to understand that hypnotic suggestion—which grows stronger with repetition—was an important part of changing his mental outlook. Now, as a professional hypnosis practitioner, he helps people with strong minds improve their lives by adopting a more positive approach.

One day, sitting in his office, he noticed how much it helped his clients just to hear an encouraging word, and he wished there was a way they could take his voice with them. Then it hit him—we all carry phones, so what if our phones could encourage us?

As he showed this app to his clients, many of them smiled and laughed after just a few validations, and many said they wished they could have the app right then. Even though it may seem silly that a few words playing on a recording can lift a person’s mood, James’s clients found that it works wonderfully so long as you let it.


How Do I Get It?

It’s now available on the Google Play Store, and it will be coming soon to Amazon. Use the links below to get your copy:

Free Version on Google

Full Version on Google


The free version of the app requires the following permission:


The paid version of the app requires the following permissions:

We need access to microphone so that we can make recording

We need access to write the recording to storage, (also we need this to write to DB)


Q: Will there be an Apple version of this app?
A: Probably not.

Q: What’s the difference between the free app and the pay app?
A: Pay app users get over 100 additional affirmations, along with the ability to record new affirmations. They also get to feel great about supporting the efforts of the people who have said so many great things about them.

Q: Does this app have ads?
A: Nope. We don’t want a commercial to interrupt your great mood.

Q: What if I don’t like one of the validations?
A: You can enable and disable any of the validations at will.

Q: What if I hate affirmations, validations, and positive sayings?
A: Then this is the wrong app for you.
(In all seriousness, severely depressed people sometimes find that positivity around them just exacerbates their depression. If that’s your situation, you definitely shouldn’t use this app.)

Q: Can I record my own validations?
A: You can with the pay version of the app. You can also name and delete any recordings you make with the app.

Q: How do I record  my own validations?
A: Press the three dots in the upper right corner, then choose Settings. Press Record. (You may have to give the app permission to use your microphone.) The Record button will change into a Stop button. This means the app is recording. Speak into the microphone; when you’re done, press Stop. If you don’t press Stop, the recording will end automatically after 30 seconds. The new validation will appear first in the list.

Q: How do I rename my own validations?
A: Long press the name of the file until a keyboard appears, then enter a new name and hit Save or Send as appropriate. If you have any difficulties getting the keyboard to appear, exit and then return to the Settings screen.

Q: Why doesn’t the Delete button work?
A: The Delete button only works on recordings you’ve added; you can’t delete the factory-provided recordings. (You can disable any of them.)

Q: Why are you so awesome?
A: Because you deserve it.


The Harmony Hypnosis Emergency Validation app is intended for entertainment purposes and makes no claim of health benefits, mental or physical. It does not diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or physical health condition, including but not limited to anxiety and depression. Do not discontinue use of any medications without consulting a medical professional. If depression or anxiety worsen, please seek professional help.


Privacy Policy
The Harmony Hypnosis Emergency Validation App (HHEV) does not collect, use, or share any data of any kind from users; however, because the Full version of the app requires permission to connect to your microphone, a privacy policy is legally required.

The recordings you make will be stored on your phone, and only someone using your phone will have access to them. The creators of HHEV will not have access to any recordings you make using this app, and therefore, we will not collect, use, or share any recordings or other data related to your use of the app. No user’s recordings will be shared with third-parties.


Technical Creation: Carlos Santillan
Concept: James Hazlerig
Graphic Art: April Porter
Female Voice: Leigh Dunbar
Male Voice: James Hazlerig