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When people ask about the side effects of hypnosis, the main one is stress release.

Stress is something your body does naturally to protect you in the short term. Now that was pretty handy when your ancestors were primitive hunter gatherers out there primitively hunting and gathering. They spent most of their time calmly gathering berries–until a bear showed up. This is what stress used to look like:

See, when you’re being attacked by a bear, a stress response is great. It temporarily puts your body into the perfect mode to either fight off the bear, run faster than the bear, or at least run faster than your friends.

Then once you’ve made it to safety, your body can return to resting and digesting.

But now stress is something that doesn’t go away quickly:

Now, we have deadlines, projects that last for years, children we worry about for decades, traffic jams, retirement to plan for  . . .  And your body reacts as though you’re being chased by a bear, 24-7.

And this is what happens:

Fortunately, hypnosis can help. At Harmony Hypnosis of Austin, we’re experts at helping you manage stress. Not only do you feel great while you’re here, but we teach you ways to calm down and be clear-headed over the long haul–so that your body has a chance to be as healthy and happy as it was meant to be.

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Before you have a really bad day, which looks like this: