How quickly can I expect results?

Different people respond to hypnosis in different ways. It’s important to realize that hypnosis is not an all or nothing situation.

For some clients, it is like flipping a light-switch. They have a 100% change with permanent results from a single session.

Others experience a more incremental change, more like a dimmer switch. They might get a partial improvement from one session and increasing improvement each time they come back. Eventually, they reach 100% success.

For a third category, it’s a bit like learning to walk or learning to ride a bicycle. They get dramatic results, usually lasting for several days, and then the results taper off. The next time they experience hypnosis, the dramatic results last longer; in fact, the results keep lasting longer and longer with each hypnotic session after that, until the effects become permanent.

Because there’s no way to know how you’ll respond to hypnosis, it’s important to commit to enough sessions that we can build momentum and get results. Also, it’s very important to use any reinforcement tools, such as a recording of the session, between our meetings.

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